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z4. Haggai

YHVH and YAHSHUA - Book of Haggai

Haggai offers the full truth regarding potential and current consequences of disobedience and obedience.

When the people give priority to God and his house, they are blessed rather than cursed.

Obedience brings the encouragement and strength of the Spirit of God.

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Book of Haggai

Just Thoughts The Minor Prophets - The Book of Haggai

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Published on Apr 23, 2013

Just Thoughts The Minor Prophets - The Book of Haggai - Complete Book

Book of Haggai

Like Malachi, Haggai uses a number of questions to highlight key issues (see 1:4,92:3,19). He also makes effective use of repetition: 
"Give careful thought" occurs in 1:5,72:15,18, and "I am with you" in 1:132:4. "I will shake the heavens and the earth" is found in 2:6,21.
 The major sections of the book are marked off by the date on which the word of the Lord came "through" (or "to") Haggai (1:12:1,10,20).

Several times the prophet appears to reflect other passages of Scripture (compare 1:6 with Dt 28:38-39 and 2:17 with Dt 28:22). 
The threefold use of "Be strong" in 2:4 (see note there) echoes the encouragement given in Jos 1:6-7,9,18. (For chiasm see Outline below.)


  • First Message: The Call to Rebuild the Temple (1:1-11)
    • The People's Lame Excuse (1:1-4)
    • The Poverty of the People (1:5-6)
    • The Reason God Has Cursed Them (1:7-11)
  • The Response of Zerubbabel and the People (1:12-15)
    • The Leaders and Remnant Obey (1:12)
    • The Lord Strengthens the Workers (1:13-15)
  • Second Message: The Temple to Be Filled with Glory (2:1-9)
    • The People Encouraged (2:1-5)
    • The Promise of Glory and Peace (2:6-9)
  • Third Message: A Defiled People Purified and Blessed (2:10-19)
    • The Rapid Spread of Sin (2:10-14)
    • Poor Harvests because of Disobedience (2:15-17)
    • Blessing to Come as the Temple Is Rebuilt (2:18-19)
  • Fourth Message: The Promise to Zerubbabel (2:20-23)
    • The Judgment of the Nations (2:20-22)
    • The Significance of Zerubbabel (2:23)

It is also possible to outline the book in a chiastic a-b / b-a pattern:

  • a    Negative effects of the unbuilt house (1:1-11)
    • b    The Lord's presence energizes the present work (1:12-15)
    • b1  The Lord's presence guarantees future glory (2:1-9)
  • a1   Positive effects of the rebuilt house (2:10-23)

Similar chiastic patterns exist in the subunits within these larger units.


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